Jomi Joomla theme utilizes the latest features of the fast and slick Warp theme framework built by Yootheme

Theme Features:

  • Fast and Lightweight
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Responsive Design
  • Update Notifications
  • HTML5/CSS3 Technology
  • RTL Support
  • SEO friendly
  • CSS Framework
  • Nice Admin UI
  • Easy Customize
  • Modern Design
  • And much, much more

Theme Layout

This theme comes with the default Warp6 module layout. The blue module positions allow to choose a module layout which defines the module alignment and proportions: equal, double or stack. You can easily add your own module layouts. The two available sidebars, highlighted in red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set in the theme administration. For modules in the blue and red positions you can choose different module styles. Take a look at the module variations page to get an overview.


Colum Layouts

Theme Styles

We provide different style variations of the default theme. In addition to these styles we added several other style settings like colors and fonts. Combining the different style options allows you to create your own unique theme design.